Lacquer is Heavy on the Nails

The least thing I like about having manicured nails is putting the nail colors on. I do love having them on my nails just for their looks. Nail colors really make my fingers very pretty. I think most women feel the same. It is after all, fun and glamorous. But the heavy feeling on the nails is not so fascinating. I have always disliked the weight of lacquer on my finger nails. I think my nails are just too sensitive. Even after the nail colors have been dried out, I would still feel the paint clinging forcefully on the surface of my nails.

I tried asking about nail polish that does not use lacquer in its ingredients. Some salons use acrylic nail polish. I did try those on my nails but they were just the same as the lacquer nail polish. So I just gave up completely on that. I just had to limit my appointments at the salon. During ordinary days, I just settle for the usual nail cleaning and plain manicure without the nail colors. But on special occasions, I really just have to endure the lacquer paint for a period.