Imagine Life without an SEO

Global InternetThe internet has indeed improved our daily lives, and so did the local SEO that inevitably came bundled with it. Just imagine how difficult your life would be without SEO to help you, not only as a small business owner, but as an individual who wants to search for something using the internet. You will be directed to different sites that you do not need, and everything will be unstructured and complicated. It would be like a library without a catalogue, leaving you with thousands of information that you have to sort through one-by-one. Meanwhile, as a business owner, here are the things that can happen to you.

1. Less Traffic To Your Blog- Without SEO, your blog will not garner enough visitors. Your page will just exist, but few people will know about it. Those who managed to go to your store just stumbled upon it, and have no intention whatsoever of buying your goods and services. Aside from that, stores that have been engaging in small business marketing for a long time is more likely to be noticed than you if SEO is absent.

2. Bigger Budget For Marketing- SEO is relatively cheaper and more advanced than other forms of marketing techniques. However, with SEO gone, you have to spend thousands of dollars on commercials, printouts, radio announcements, and other types of advertisements. This can greatly deplete your company’s budget, and since you are just starting out, success is more difficult, not to mention expensive to attain.

3. Little To No Sales- This is the worst outcome of having no SEO to guide and help your business. Because there is no traffic and less people visiting your store, it will result in reduced sales or no profit at all. This is not only bad for you, but the people who work under you as well because they are relying on your business, and without SEO, this is the outcome that you may face.

As you can see, life without SEO is a nightmare for all people, whether an ordinary Joe who is seeking for new knowledge and entertainment, or a small business owner who wants to be known in the field. If you want to know more, just checkout the RevLocal news and you will get tons of information about SEO.