Five Important Elements in Finding a Good Contractor

One of the most difficult aspects of undertaking any building development is finding qualified contractors. This process can be quite complex and involved. To help navigate this process, many businesses use the services of contractor management companies such as Browz. Whether or not you use a professional company for your search, make sure that all contractors are screened for items such as the following:

  • Length of time in business
  • Safety record
  • On-time completion rate
  • Scale of completed projects
  • Registered complaints

Length of Time in Business

Although not always true, the longer a contractor has been in business is a good indication of the type of work that company does. Companies that have been around for a long time only stay in business because they have satisfied clients who may offer repeat business or give good referrals. However, newer contractors can be good, too, so make sure to evaluate all potential contractors against other criteria before you make your final decision.

Safety Record

You will want to know the contractor’s safety record. Look for such things as the number of days without an accident, the types of accidents that occurred, and how severe the accidents were. For instance, mashing a thumb with a hammer is different than falling three stories off of scaffolding.

On-time Completion Rate

When you are working with contractors, you will want to know how often they complete their jobs on time. This is critical because a particular contractor’s work may be a prerequisite for following contractors. Time is money. The longer it takes to complete a job, the more money it costs.

Scale of Completed Projects

It is important to match the scale of your project with the skill of the contractors. If you have a large office building or business development, you will want someone with that type of experience. If your project is smaller, you don’t need that type of experience, and you probably don’t want to pay for that type of experience either.

Registered Complaints

Another vital piece of information is to find out if there are any registered complaints about the company. Searching all the different places where complaints might be filed can be time consuming and difficult. Companies such as Browz offer services that make this process easier.