Cheers to an Unforgettable Summer

Summer, for me, is the best season of the year. I get to spend more time with my friends and meet new people. But along with the excitement comes the anxiety and pressure of acquiring a perfect bikini body and getting more curves. It’s a common problem among women; waist is not small enough, boobs are not big enough, butt is not firm enough. Every woman, and I mean every one of us, hear that annoying voice in our heads endlessly pointing out our physical imperfections.

One summer day, I saw my best friend donning her new swimsuit which flaunted the cleavage I’m surprised she had. Almost every guy we passed checked her out and I was pretty sure I’d been seven shades of green with envy that day. I squeezed her for information about the newly discovered cleavage and she said it was all thanks to coco reef swimsuit. I didn’t waste a day and bought a bunch of their swimsuits right away! That was definitely an unforgettable summer for us.