Battery Indicator Device

Battery discharge indicator is a device used on battery powered miming haulage vehicle, it is provide with an automatically monitors for the discharge condition of each battery sources on a mining haulage vehicle. It provides a continually flashing lamped to indicate when a battery is out of supply already wherein a predetermined level is being required especially in power mining vehicle. A momentary flashed of light indicates that the battery is out of source and is need to be charged or be replaced, thereby indicating to the operator that the mining vehicle is ready to use. It provides a simple and elegant solution for display of RT battery modules.

Battery discharge indicator his compose of a 10 segments LED state for charge indication, a fault indicator LED, automatic sleep mode and simple mounting. It has several technical features such as voltage range 24V to 80V, reverse popularity protection, battery status indicator, hours counting information for up to 10 hours; industrial temperature range and all the parameters are being verified and modified for any battery kind accordance for the user.