How to Find a Fashionable Nursing Scrub

The nature of women is that they want to look good and feel good about themselves no matter the time and place, and the workplace is no exception. It comes as no surprise, then, that many nurses don’t enjoy wearing unflattering scrubs that are shapeless and uncomfortable. With time medical scrubs are becoming more fashion-forward, but nurses can look for certain aspects of a scrub that will make them more favorable.


The fabric that the medical scrubs are made out of will affect how the scrubs feel, wear, and wash. Many Dickies nursing scrubs are made from fabric that has some stretch, for easy movement. This is very important. Nurses should choose a light, breathable fabric that is moisture wicking to prevent sweat build-up. It is also important to choose a fabric that washes well, so the nursing scrubs don’t look wrinkled.


Today’s medical scrubs come in a multitude of styles and colors. Some hospitals have dress codes, but for those who are not restricted, look for new fashion colors that come out each season. Another great option in medical scrubs is cheerful prints. Hello Kitty scrubs are very popular, as they are trendy and cheerful. Hello Kitty scrubs are good for nurses who work with everyone from pediatrics to adults, because the Hello Kitty character is timeless and easily recognizable.

When it comes to style, some slenderizing options are drawstring pants rather than elastic and mock wrap tops. Contrast color blocking is also great for the figure if the color blocking is done vertically.


While every nurse wants her Dickies scrubs to look good, it is also important that they are functional. Lots of pockets are a must, as are pockets with closures so that valuables don’t fall out. Bungee cord loops are a nice touch on which to hang badges so that the fabric doesn’t pull or tear. Side vent and cargo pockets are also important, as they are the most easily accessible and roomy.

In today’s world of fashion it is easy to obtain Dickies nursing scrubs that are functional and fashionable. Nurses just have to know what to look for in a scrub.