4 Tips for Moms to Find the Perfect Jeans

Every jeans-wearing mom wants to find that perfect pair of jeans that will compliment her looks, and make her feel young. When it comes to “jeans shopping”, the first obvious step is to find the best, cheapest deal. For example, you can buy your jeans from Kate Spade coupons using one of their promotional codes and save. However, finding the perfect jeans is not just limited to saving money – it goes beyond that. And in the following article we will look into a few tips to help you do just that…

#1: Focus on Fit, Ignore the Labels

Let’s say you look at the label on a pair of blue jeans, which says they’re a certain style/size. This information is good and useful, but you should understand that the definition of style/size can differ from one manufacturer to another. The fact remains that there isn’t any “universal” sizing chart that all the designers go by. You may very well wear a size 9 in one brand, and 13 in another. So instead of stressing about it, just focus on fit, get hold of 2-3 different sizes to take with you in the dressing room and you’re good.

#2: Go for a Darker Wash

You have to go through a lot of variety when buying jeans, but try and go for a darker wash when choosing one. Why? Because jeans with a darker wash are a lot more flattering and give a more polished look when compared to ones with a lighter wash. Color versatility comes handy in more than one occasion, especially when you want to wear jeans when you want to achieve that business casual look or when you’re going out at night.

#3: Don’t Buy Distressed Jeans

Always be aware that buying distressed jeans that has any kind of bleaching (fade spots on knees/thighs or lines on hips), is a bad idea. Why? Because the distressing will almost always emphasize and shift focus on those [particular parts of body. For example, if your jeans are faded on the thigh, then this bleached area will make the thighs look bigger and the focus of attention.

#4: Wear the Right Stuff with Your Jeans

Can your blue jeans be worn with a spanking white pair of sneakers? The answer is no! It’s a fashion mistake that many, many women make. It just goes on to show that you’re a woman who takes the “easy way out” and don’t want to put any effort getting dressed. The same goes for that underwear sticking out of your jeans — don’t do it.

Buying a good pair of jeans about finding the perfect fit, style and of course price, which you can get using one of those free coupons. The tips that we discussed above may look simple, but in the long run, you’ll find that they’ll help you invest in the right jeans that help you get the right look.