The Notorious Kitchen Cabinet

John has a back problem so he finds it hard to bend over. He used to have a difficult time in the kitchen since he often had to look at cupboards and cabinets just to find a particular ingredient or snack, especially when the cabinet is located too low or high for his liking. He tried sitting down while searching at the bottom of the cabinet, but it was a pain to get-up from the floor. His back cannot handle the stress of bending over so he preferred not to use his kitchen cabinets at all.

John’s wife took pity on him so she looked for a solution. She installed pull out shelves to make it easier for John to access the kitchenware and utensils without having to bend low or sit on the floor. Now John loves the kitchen and would often go there. He is not afraid to open the cabinet anymore because he knows it will not give him a hard time.