Regular Perm or Digital Perm?

My hair has been straight since I was young. Due to the ever-changing weather, the chemicals I apply on to my hair (hair polish, gel, and hair dye), stress, careless brushing, ironing and curling, my hair was damaged. Fly-away hair were easily spotted and dramatically increased in number. So when I’ve grown tired of looking at my damaged hair, I decided to get a perm. First, I tried the regular perm. More than a year after, from the visible curls, my hair becomes a little wavy. I was still fond of curls then. So, I tried digital perm or digi-perm for short. I loved the digital perm more than the regular perm. Why? I will give you the differences between the two.

Regular Perm

Digital Perm

It is also called cold perm. It‘s also known as digi-perm or hot perm.
It only uses the perming solution. It uses a special perming solution and hot rods with the temperature controlled by a machine.
The curls are small waves and are most prominent when the hair is wet. Curls are loose waves and become more visible when hair has dried.
Normal perm tends to make hair dry and feel coarse. It reconditions the hair thermally. Hair feels softer and smoother.
The treatment is cheap and is done in a short time. The procedure is costly and requires more time to finish.
Styling solutions should be applied while the hair is wet. Styling is very easy. You can let it air-dry and just use your fingers to style it.
It is best suited for naturally smooth hair. It is best suited for coarse hair.

I just had my hair cut into a short bob two months ago. When my hair grows back, I will definitely have another digital perm again.