Men’s Fashions Making a Comeback in 2013

Every man looks good in a fitted, sleek suit. It’s an outfit choice that is out of the ordinary for most, with the exception of businessmen. The look, fit and style of suits has changed a huge amount over time and even everyday men’s fashions. Each season there is a new take on an old style, revamped and trendy. Here is a list of the fashion comebacks that are popular in early 2013.

Most people would agree that the 80s were one of the worst times for fashion trends. We were introduced to big hair, sweatbands, and so much more. One trend that has become popular again for both men and women is neon. Designers are bringing bold colors into their collections, specifically for spring 2013. Designer Salvatore Ferragamo filed his recent collection with bold blues, intense oranges and even bold suits. Businessmen may have a difficult time pulling off a neon three piece suit, but Ferragamos idea is to integrate colors into your everyday wardrobe.

Looking back at the style trends of the roaring 1920’s reminds us of Panama hats, clean suits, and beautiful footwear. Johnston & Murphy introduces us to the Holbrook Linen Cap Toe shoe. The end of the century brought a new sophisticated style of shoe for women. Whether they were being worn on the golf course or even on the feet of President Abraham Lincoln, these shoes made a huge hit in this era. This century’s styles focus on a simple look, with a pop of fancy. These shoes are not only perfect for work and play, but are a great summer staple to have.

During World War II, military apparel changed significantly and in recent years has become very fashionable for men and women. In 2013, we are seeing bomber jackets making their way down the runways. Designers such as Louis Vuitton put their own spin on the look, by keeping the structure of a bomber jacket, but adding print and pattern. The bomber jacket can be worn in so many ways as well. You can bulk up for chilly spring nights by adding a sweater underneath and when the summer nights heat up, a polo or t-shirt can be worn underneath.

While clothing is a huge aspect of fashion, we cannot forget how much an accessory can affect the feel of an outfit. The 1970’s was a time period in fashion where shoes became taller, pants became tighter, and so much more. Aviator sunglasses became a staple item, especially for the military and veterans. While aviators have never faded in popularity, this year reflective sunglasses are making a comeback. Designers are keeping the reflective aspect the same, but the shapes they vary.

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