Heel Types for Your Hype

Shoes are hot on the shopping lists of many women. Some even have wide collections of them. I have a friend who is such a shoe fanatic. She can’t imagine a world without this footwear. Who can blame her? Shoes are important for any outfit, complementing your look and making you appear more ladylike.

She has different shoe types on her shelves, and they all had different looking heels so I asked which is what. She says that one needs to get acquainted with the different shoe heels for they serve ladies different purposes. If you want to appear taller and make your legs more toned and sculpted, then try the 2 to 10 inch stiletto heels. If you want the rounded, broader near the sole but gets narrower down the ground type of heels, then you try the cone ones.

Spool heels are like cone heels but the narrowest part lies in the middle of the heel, with the ground heel just a little less broader than the sole. Wedge heels, on the other hand, cover front to the back, but is broader in the heels than at the toes. There are probably many other heel types out there. Choose to your liking!