Fragrance Facts

Admit it, you’ve been spraying and dabbing them on your body for years but you know so little about them. This will represent as your crash course to smelling great.

  • Apply the perfume on bare skin. When the skin warms the perfume, the fragrance is released off.
  • The same fragrance can smell another way to different people. This is because of the individuality in diet, lifestyle and skin type.
  • Men respond to the scent that triggers memory. He likes the smell of perfume that has a happy memory attached to it. Conversely, he hates fragrance that left him with unpleasant memories.
  • The best time to test perfumes is before noon, when not too many people hit the store. You can focus and no other scent can get in the way.
  • If too much spray has been done, apply unscented lotion to the area you sprayed. This will help diffuse the overwhelming scent.
  • You can become immune to your scent when continued exposure to the scent happens.
  • The fragrance loses its potency three to six months after opening the bottle. Preserve its lifespan by storing it away from sunlight.