Fragrance and Allergies

My mom never liked perfumes. Well, she likes them but she can’t stand the scent even if it’s just faint. She’s allergic to these substances. It makes her air passages constrict and cause her to sneeze nonstop. Today, fragrances are widely used everywhere. This fact could be hazardous to people like my mom who have oversensitive immune system. They suffer bad health problems (i.e. rashes, headache, and tingling sensation and muscle pains) after inhaling scented products (soaps, lotions, air fresheners, after shave and body spray), perfumes, and fragrances.

These scents cannot be seen but are very detrimental to the health of a number of individuals. If their immune system is oversensitive, we should be sensitive enough to protect them from these attacks.

To protect them, we should:

  1.  Read the labels of the toiletries before buying them. They will need hypoallergenic and unscented soaps o detergents, shampoos, lotions and deodorants.
  2. Know which ingredient causes the allergies. Some scents can be tolerated and even use by allergic individuals while the others cannot. Identifying the main problem (the specific chemical content) will help a lot.
  3. Be aware the early symptoms of allergy. In this case, those are sneezing, nausea and difficulty in breathing.
  4. Desensitize. Little by little, we expose the individual to the scent. Gradually, the immune system will learn to recognize it as a harmless substance. But desensitizing does not apply to all. Be careful.
  5. Consult an allergologist. They can do allergy-testing or strip testing of the basic elements of perfume. The tests will isolate the chemicals that can trigger an allergic reaction.
  6. If the attacks happen frequently, always have an anti-histamine ready. Anti-histamines prevent the allergy from worsening.