Choosing the Perfect Jewelry for the Bride

The perfect dress for a blooming bride will not be complete without matching jewelry that brings out her best features and make her glow even more. Whenever I come across different pictures of brides, I can’t help but admire the spectacular pieces of jewelry worn by these beautiful ladies. The Bride Jewelry will of course be mainly dependent on the wedding dress, the theme of the occasion, and the bride’s own taste for fashion.

When it’s finally my turn to walk down the aisle, I’ll make sure to wear the perfect jewelry to go with my dress. For example, if I am donning a tube gown with a low neckline, it would be nice to put on an attractive necklace that makes a curve just below my neck or above the dress. If I have a dress that goes with all the way to my neck and comes with intricate bead work already, then I would prefer simple but radiant earrings and no necklace. And if ever I will choose a vintage theme, then I can definitely wear classic styled jewelry with a quaint and elegant charm.

A lot of brides today wear jewelry that was lent by their mom, their groom’s mom, or relatives. Such jewelry serves as their “something borrowed”.