Workflow is Important to Business Success

Sales businesses need an efficient ecommerce workflow in order to keep up with demand and streamline the business.  It is important to make sure your business and your website are inter-related.  If you do not sell through a website, but use Ebay or Amazon to sell your products, you still require a workflow for your business.  This workflow will enable you to follow a product right through from acquisition to final delivery.  Many businesses fail because they lack this type of process.

If possible, you should set up your workflow before you start to sell.  The things to think about are:

  • The acquisition and or manufacture of the products you are going to sell
  • The place you will be selling; this can be your own website, or another service like Ebay or Amazon.
  • The method of sale; such as auction, fixed price or sale on terms, like purchase over time, or rental to buy
  • The pricing of the product
  • The methods of shipping if shipping is necessary;  Selling a product where it is only necessary to provide the customer with a download, still requires a method of shipping, in this case download facilities and customer service in case of difficulty.
  • Return and restocking procedures

These are just a few suggestions; you will need to create your own workflow.  Hopefully these can help you on your way to selling success.