The Killer Shoes

Killer shoes are the types of footwear that are “to die for”. They suggest stunning high fashion shoes. On the contrary, it also refers to pumps that could kill physically, mentally and emotionally. In this piece, we’ll talk about worst type of shoes for your feet.

Flip-Flops. They don’t give arch support and makes the feet defenseless against injury and dirt. They shouldn’t be used for everyday walking. Also, they are not made for running, jumping or playing. Using them in such ways adds risks to injury.

Spiked Heels. Pointed heels put too much pressure on the ball of foot. If your feet hurt, tendency is you lose the base, thus, affecting your gait and posture. These heels should be worn in moderation to allow the feet and legs to recover from stress.

Pointy-Toed Pumps. These shoes squeeze the feet and can cause neuroma (inflammation of the nerve between toes) and metatarsalgia (acute pain in the ball of the foot).

Ballet Flats. Although planted firmly on the ground, they lack support, cushioning and don’t let the foot function properly.