Reducing the Ghostly Knockings In the Basement

We seem to have a ghost in the basement. At least that is what the babysitter is telling us. Apparently, she has been watching too many ghost hunting shows on television. Last week on Saturday, she very kindly babysat for us while we went out to friends for dinner. Returning home later, we found a very frightened young woman. She had been hearing banging coming from the basement and was sure that we had a ghost. The house is only 3 years old, so the possibility of a ghost is rather remote. Ghosts can stay on land and migrate into new buildings, she advised us. The poor kid was really frightened.

Trying to reassure her, we explained that the banging was not new; we hear it whenever the heat turns on, or the water runs from the bathrooms. We promised her that we would fix the problem for the next time.

The hoses and pipes needed to be properly secured. To accomplish this we added a band clamp where necessary. This seemed to fix the issue, and the next time our young friend babysat, she agreed that the ghost had gone. It is really amazing what a lively imagination will create.