Promotion at Its Simplest Form

Usually, when companies or stores promote, they use advertisements ranging from commercials, large banners, billboards, leaflets, and so much more. Although most of them are effective, they are very expensive, not to mention people get tired of seeing a particular product displayed everywhere. Instead of having a good effect, the customers will get irritated at the item and ignore it when they see it displayed in the counter, leading to a loss of sales.

This is not the case for promotional notebooks. Depending on the store, these notebooks are given to customers because of their loyalty or when they purchase a certain product. The moment they receive it, they feel lucky and treasured by the company without even knowing that it will give a certain advantage to the store because they are being promoted while the consumer uses it. This is promotion at its purest form. Aside from that, this notebook is taken everywhere the consumer goes, making it seen more by other people. Now that is a good form of advertisement.