Must Haves during Winter and Summer

In fashion they have things that they call must have. Must have are part of fashion that don’t wear out. Just like food as a basic need in fashion there are things that you should have. As the weather changes, your must have must be adjusted also. During winter you should have the following sweater, fashionable jacket, suit, beautiful dress, training suit, black dress, top, tailored coat, dress suit and pants. In addition, you must have clutch, bag, gloves, hat, scarf and belt. For footwear you must have one pair of flats, high heels and boots.

On the other hand for summer, your must have are the following shirts, maxi dress, blouse, little black dress, summer dress, trench coat, summer and pencil skirt. Metallic bags, clutch, tank tops, bodies, swim wear, sunglasses, hair accessories. For foot wear ballerina flat and flip flops.