How Tropicana Made the Sunshine on a Gloomy Day

New York winters are notoriously known for being the coldest and the gloomiest winters in the world. Orange juice brand Tropicana aimed to change all that with the release of a new viral video entitled the Tropicana Winter Sunshine . This video features several teams of professional painters working on two different designs featuring the winter sunshine theme together with the logo of Tropicana. This art campaign and project done by Tropicana is truly awesome because it focuses on getting people to smile and get them awestruck in the human spirit’s determination and willpower. I found the winter sunshine video interesting also because it set out to do something as ambitious as what they managed to do. Using the building which has the same size as a football field together with expert painters the stop-motion video documented the power of the human imagination and our ability to envision something beautiful and awe-inspiring.