Bedroom Nightmare

I have moved into my Sister’s bedroom. She has always had the big room even though I am the oldest. I have moved all my furniture and the only thing left to do is hang my TV wall mount. I need my Dad’s help with this because I am not strong enough to hammer nails into walls.

This is where my tale gets interesting. My Dad was in charge of all the hammering, but I had to help with all the heavy lifting. This process took us about four hours and when it was complete we sat back, on my bed, with a sense of accomplishment. We decided to stay upstairs with a cup of coffee and watch the football game on my newly hung TV. We sat back, relaxed, settled in for the night and then we heard a creaking sound. We both looked at each other. Then the TV, then back at each other. We then jumped into action and just managed to catch the TV as it fell off the wall.