Bags Every Woman Should Own

When you shop for bags, what are your criteria? Is it the color, designer, functionality or value? Whatever they are, be sure to prioritize the bags every woman should own.
Fold-Over Clutch bag: An evening bag with or without the handle containing your all essentials.

Duffel bag: Usually used for sports or travel. Holds all the necessities for a quick retreat.

Tote bag: A light bag used for shopping, to take to the beach or park.

Messenger bag: It has a long strap to be worn around the chest so you won’t need to carry them. Mostly, it is conveniently for a quick run for an errand or a swift visit to the store.

Shoulder bag: A bag usually with adjustable strap so you can carry it on your shoulder or across the chest.

Wristlet: It is fashioned like a clutch but it has an attached leather or chic strap allowing one to multitask.

Cosmetic case: A small bag containing all your beauty products or toiletries.

Satchel: This spacious bag will carry all your necessities and documents.