The Store I Always Dreamed Of

Okay, the dream of the store came after I picked up a craft somewhat obsessively. I started making soaps. All shapes, size colors and scents- I made it so much I certainly couldn’t use all of it. I started giving it to friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.

After I gave my best friend her third basket of soap, I realized I needed new people to give my soap too. I certainly didn’t have the time, resources or customer-friendly personality to open a store-front.

I decided to take my soap making to the World Wide Web. My choice to create an online store allowed me to share my crafts with people all over the world.

It was amazing to me how easy it was to make sure that everything in my store was secure. No problems with credit cards, shopping carts or other security issues I worried about when first considering going online.

Also, with templates I didn’t need to hire a web-designer or learn html to create an attractive looking webpage to display my soaps. All the technical and visual aspects of it were easy to handles, and I set up the page within an hour of fiddling. I could have done it much faster, but I am somewhat of the perfectionist.

With a little bit of advertising, a little bit of investment and a lot of luck, my soap business is starting to take off. So much so that I may have to rent a space separate from my house to start making the soap!