Why Wear Perfume?

Many times, when I was on my way to work, I would just suddenly realize I forgot to spray a little perfume on my neck or wrist. I can always tell the difference about how I feel when I wore perfume and when I didn’t. My day at work was a lot less complicated and a lot more productive when I did. Just like what my friends would always say, “You are never completely dressed without perfume.”

Colognes, fragrance and perfumes don’t just make us smell good. Wearing any of those offers a lot of benefits.

S – Signature. The scent you choose will make you unique. People will be trained to be aware of your presence even without hearing or seeing you approach. Also, your preference of perfume reveals something about you.

C – Confidence. Acknowledge it. A dab of perfume boosts your self-confidence. It makes you feel better about yourself. You feel a lot cooler, prettier and more handsome than you already are. It makes you believe you can do more, thus opening more opportunities and experiences for you. It makes you more comfortable with yourself and your abilities.

E – Emotions. A spray of cologne triggers one or more emotions. It influences you to feel happy or sad, but most of the time… just positive emotions come surging. A scent can dig deep into your memory and expose your inner mood or feelings. It can burrow deep inside your soul and make you reminisce an event in the past (pleasurable or not).

N –Nap. Pleasurable scents make you feel relaxed. Applying perfume brings about the feeling of freshness. It reduces anxiety and aids in a restful sleep. It relieves tension.

T – Thinking. Smelling a wonderful scent also stimulates concentration. It keeps us energetic. Some scents enhance stamina and energy thus assisting in the completion of many daily tasks.