Why Knee Scooters Over Traditional Crutches

The knee scooters are an alternative of the crutch. They are used by people with injuries below the knee. This is particularly important where the knee is expected not to bear weight during recovery. These injuries may a broken ankle, Achilles injury, ankle replacement among others. It is also an option for knee amputees. Crutches have been the only option to establish some mobility to knee walkers However crutches are more tiresome to use since all the body weight is left to a single leg.

It is suitably designed to provide a natural balance to the user owing to the fact that the body is supported by two legs. For faster healing most doctors prescribe that the injured leg should remain at 90 degree elevation. This position does away with the option of the user accidentally putting body weight on the body during the early recovery stages. Unlike crutches upper body movement are minimized and the user’s movement is thus enhanced.