Why Dual Sport Helmets?

The Dual Sport Helmet is a state of the art helmet. These helmets are geared to provide optimum performance adventurous riders. They provide a broad periphery thus making it possible to wear goggles under the shield during ridding. They serve as real treats for riders who mainly engage themselves in street ridding. An addition feature of these helmets is the ability to block rays from the sun during ridding.

Dual sport helmets blend the features of both dirt and street helmets this makes them particularly suitable for all weather ridding. Due to the ever increasing number of riders particularly in the Americas manufacturers are working round the clock to develop appealing helmets to the riders. These special features eliminate the need to swap helmets when changing from street to off road ridding is thus eliminated. They are available from prices as low as $90 to $700. Depending on your preferences you can choose between Shoei Hornet DS Helmets – Dual Sport Adventure to Gmax GM11D Edge Helmet – Dual Sport .