What Color Should You Wear to a Wedding?

If it’s your first time to attend a wedding, it is but normal that you would be wondering what color of dress to wear to a wedding. Of course you wouldn’t want to look inappropriate or out of place. Thus, you should consider several factors such as the time and venue of the wedding. I believe it is best to choose a pastel color if you’re going to a garden wedding and if it’s daytime. But if you’ll be attending a formal event in the evening, then you can choose a darker shade.

Generally, when choosing What Color To Wear To A Wedding, any color is safe except black. There are some superstitious people who may think that black brings bad luck to the newlyweds. This color is especially prohibited in the Chinese culture for celebrations. In addition, try to find out the motif too and stay away from that color so that you don’t end up blending in with the entourage members or worse, with the table cloth! It would also not be advisable to wear something very bright such as hot pink because this can draw unwanted attention or you may even become a distraction at the party.