The Djs Tool for Digital Audio Controll

The numark ns7fx – dj controller is perceived to be the most comprehensive D.J controller. Its interface has been proved to seamlessly map the serato ITCH for better control over traditional digital systems. This system comprises; vinyl platters which add the feeling of the original vinyl set up enhanced power, the premium mixer inclusive of an audio interphase and the serrate integration which has revolutionized the laptop D.J era by making computer file browsing without looking into the computer.

It comes along with special which add more life into the music among them being:

  • High resolution
  • Far reaching cue, loop and track retrieval controls.
  • Controls a good number of M.I.D.I apps without a keyboard or a mouse which add on to the simplicity in using it.
  • Library controls for backup and restoring lost files.
  • Mix speeds ranging between 33-45 rpm.

These features add precision, better appearance, improved audio quality, and simplicity among others.