The Brother’s Hidden Suit

Wrestling is now included in most high school and intermediate curriculum. The sport of wrestling has been gaining popularity with sports enthusiasts groups that wrestling is not only done for the competition but also as a hobby and as a health regimen. This sport as with other sports has its own required suit, called wrestling singlets. Wrestling singlet need to be tough and resilient to withstand all the contortions and all the battling it will undergo. The fabric should be resistant to snags to all the dragging and throwing without running and tearing. The flexibility of the fabric should be superior to avoid ripping during heavy exertions.

Two of my sons opt to join the wrestling team of their intermediate school. They were into wrestling at the same year although they were in different divisions because one is two years younger than the other. The older one I thought four years ago would join in but he joined the baseball team. The Wrestling singlet I bought him which he called a “suit” was kept out of the way because he goes into tantrums whenever the wrestling topic is out and he was badgered about it. The younger one found the singlet and hid it. He was thinking he will have a use for it when he will be with the wrestling team. As he is now in, he went to the first wrestling team meeting wearing the bold red and white “Wrestling Suit” of his older brother that he has hidden.