Shoe Psychology

Like the clothes a girl chooses to wear, her shoes also reveal something about her present mood or personality. Take time reading these tips so you can fill her shoes before you find yourself getting kick or hit by a flying shoe.

  • Sensible and convenient shoes usually belong to friendly and pleasant people.
  • The assertive and go-getters choose ankle boots.
  • Ironically, uncomfortable shoes are worn by girls with calm and composed personalities.
  • For girls who always anxious of what others think of them usually buy and put on brand new shoes.
  • Well kept shoes are chosen by girls who are concerned with their relationships.
  • For those who care less about others’ opinion on their appearance and those with problems forming and keeping a relationship sport boring shoes.
  • The non-conformists or free-thinkers (hippies, bohemian) wear less expensive and less stylish footwear.
  • Posh shoes mean higher salary.
  • Outrageous footwear mean outgoing person.
  • Neutral shades like brown, tan, gray and black denote uneasiness in relationships.
  • Colorful shoes indicate more confident and satisfying relationships.