How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work?

It is no secret that maintaining a relationship requires time, effort and constant communication. But how do you make it work when you are thousand miles apart from your loved one? According to studies, long distance relationships are extremely difficult to keep. Nearly 14 million in the world have admitted of being in a relationship with someone who is living or working far away from them. Around 4.5 months is the average amount of time for long distance relationships before break up happens. The sadder thing is more than 70% end up failing, especially those that are not really planned for. On a lighter note, there were about 3.75 million who have been in long distance relationships that eventually got married.

With temptations and thousand miles separating you and your partner, how can you make a long distance relationship work? Here are some helpful tips.

Constant communication is the ultimate bridge. Whether you are in a long distance relationship or not, communication is an essential element of making things work. The modern-day technologies and gadgets allow faster interaction between people from across different continents. Email and chat applications like Skype can make you and your loved one close the big gap. Use your AT&T uverse coupons to avail of free hours or data minutes for you to be able to reach out to your loved one overseas.

Avoid stalking social networks of your partner. It is not a necessity for you to know each other’s Facebook or Twitter passwords. Keep a little privacy for yourself and give him or her the same respect of his or her own space. With long distance relationships, you just have to give your complete trust to the other person. It is normal to feel a little insecurity with the gap that you have the thoughts of him or her meeting someone else will always be there.

Try to at least visit each other once in a year. If it is too costly to travel to the destination of your partner, you may want to meet halfway.