Home Products to Clean Your Jewelry

Most jewels are passed on from generation to the next. To keep these jewels looking sparkly and new, sometimes we bring them to the jewelry shop to have them cleaned or treated. Of course, restoring these ornaments would require us to go there and sometimes, pay a fee for the service. Little did we know that there are also cleaning products available at home (specifically in the kitchen) we can use to touch up these gems and trinkets.

To make crystalline gemstones (i.e. diamond, rubies and emeralds) shiny, you can clean them using vodka and window cleaner. Diamonds will recover their twinkle with denture tablets and toothpaste. Both gold and silver will benefit from ammonia and beer. To buff your silverware, use baking soda with water or ketchup. For gold, on the other hand, the shimmering will return if it is cleaned using baking soda with vinegar. Lastly, for any kind of jewelry, put back the gleam by soaking them in Alka-Seltzer. When these products are used cleverly, your jewels and gems will be shiny and new in no time.