Dress like a Star

We keep track and try to imitate them when their outfit receive positive reviews and choose a new idol to shadow when we think they made poor judgment and made a fashion disaster.

To stand out and make an awesome red carpet look, here are some of the fashion guidelines to follow:

  1. Wear an oversized pair of sunglasses. They give you that glamorous and mysterious look.
  2. Try wearing a floral maxi dress with a straw fedora and printed canvas bag. This set creates a strong image and an on-the-go look.
  3. Play with contrasts. A plain top matched with wild or colorful skirt or pants.
  4. Choose brightly colored watches or accessories.
  5. Attract attention by choosing soft neon tops.
  6. Look for a chic bag like totes or bucket bags with tussles in a shimmering color.
  7. Try out the asymmetrical jackets, tops and skirts.
  8. Wear a mixture of colorful, geometric and printed beads.
  9. Be proud and show off your assets like long legs and cute lips and expressive eyes.