Bags for the Rich and Famous

Famous celebrities are so into designer bags. That is perfectly understandable because they have all the resources. In addition, the public notices every detail of whatever they wear and use, especially on limelight occasions. It would thus be safe to look their best and only have bags that are the best. Every time I see a photo on the net about Hollywood stars who strutted the red carpets, I always inevitably see them with familiar named bags.

Most of these highly pictured bags are designer ones. The names always mention Louie Vuitton, the first who made the designer bag breakthrough; Hermes, Chanel, and a few others. They look very classy and elegant but they come in price tags not everyone but only the privileged few, can afford. They can cost thousands and even millions of dollars nowadays. Truly financially restricting, but not for those who are not hurting for cash. I wish I can have or at least hold one someday, not those counterfeit ones, of course.