Am I Secured With DealDash?

Online security is one of the biggest distresses as far as internet fraud and security are concerned. The rampancy of identify theft from every corner of the world, from various websites, has evolved to a new alarming level. Who could forget that time when some thousands of personal information of United States’ primary banking institution got compromised during the yuletide season in 2011. This freaked out even those who were not directly involved. This is why people have become extra cautious in giving out information especially in online retail stores and auction shops. DealDash, an e-commerce company recognizes these threats.

How DealDash Protects Its Consumers?

It is dubbed as the longest-running pay-to-participate auction website. With over a million registered users, DealDash is a hot target for cyber criminals. They sought the assistance of top-class online and systems security provider, McAfee to protect their website and their consumers from cyber thefts. Intel bought McAfee in 2011 for a whopping $7.8 billion. It provides a sense of reassurance that there is something in place to safeguard your sensitive information that include email addresses, contact information and credit card information.

DealDash is based in New York City and has an offshore headquarters in Finland.