Valentines Feeling

When the month of February is fast approaching, it stuck into our minds the feeling of “LOVE”, why was that?. I guess we all grow up; understanding that the month of February is the month to celebrate for all the lovers’ out there, not only to lovers, I mean married couples who are married for almost a long time, even our parents and grandparents; they have the freedom to celebrate the true feeling of Love.

What is really Valentines Day? And what do we often feel when February 14 is already coming. Like what I said, Valentines Day is a month to celebrate the love that we had for a month or even a year. It’s an unexplainable feeling that we ourselves can not even distinguished. A mix up feeling, you know what I mean, feeling of outburst love, happiness, excitement ,joy and the feeling of moment that you will be able to celebrate with the person you loved the most.