Unique Gifts for a Special Sponsor

When your child or godchild makes their confirmation, it is customary to have a celebration afterward and present the person that has been confirmed with a thoughtful gift. This gift can be anything that you find special for the day, but there are some confirmation gifts from sponsors that are sure to be special to the recipient.

Charm Necklace

One really good choice is a saint medallion. For example, if the person being confirmed is really into music, a medallion with St. Cecilia would be a good choice because she is the patron saint of music. There are many other saints that you can choose from based on the interests of the person being confirmed. In addition to saints, there are holy spirit medals too. These come in silver and gold and will allow the person to have the holy spirit with them and close to their heart at all times.

You can also get other religious-themed charms like crosses and doves. These can even be added to a necklace with a medallion.


You can get the person a plaque. These plaques often say things like “Confirmed in Christ” and have a small message imprinted underneath them. They can be wall plaques or plaques that will sit on a table. You can also choose to have on specially engraved with a message or bible verse that is special to the person.


A rosary is something that all religious people use during the times that they want to speak to Christ or need a little help getting through a difficult time. They come in every color that you can imagine and many different types of stones and beads. You will have no problem finding the right one for the person you know that just had their confirmation.


Having a cross in a home symbolizes that Christ is welcome in that home and those that live there are protected by him. Crosses come in every material and color imaginable. You can also personalize them. For example, you can have a short prayer or bible verse imprinted onto the cross to make it more personal.