The Romantic Interlude of Friends

Richard and Anchie were the best of friends. They loved the same music and unfortunately, loved the same girl. Mia on the other hand was simple and carefree. She had no love except for music. Richard had the most beautiful voice in town and sang in the choir. Anchie on the other hand, could play the guitar.

Their love of song and dance brought them all together. Anchie would play the guitar, Mia would sometimes play the piano and Richard would sing his heart out. They were tasked to perform at the party after the parade next week. They ordered a superb phonic at Musicians friend and a keyboard to complete the trio. They all sounded great together but it was difficult to keep their feelings aside. One day during rehearsals, Richard spoke to Mia and told her how he felt about her. To Mia’s dismay, she decided to stay away from the two and pulled out of the performance.