New Trends in Window Treatments

By keeping up with the latest drapes and window treatment trends you can make your home feel like you update the decor much more often than you actually do. To be able to do this you have to keep abreast of new trends in window treatments. So here are some of the ‘little black dresses’ of window treatments that you merely need to change the accessories to make it traded.

  • Organic materials – organic materials have been used for decades to help create stunning window treatments. One of the most commonly known organic material used as a window treatment is the bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds have a classic feel yet are able to be updated by adding small touches here and there. You can take a small amount of fishing line and add small pebbles, jewels, or other small touches to the bottom of the blind. By using fishing line, you do not damage the blind and are able to update it when trends change.
  • Draperies – while these are not as easy to change out with the trending fashions. If you purchase them in classic colors you can use various things to accessorize the drapes giving them a trendier feel. Just like the little black dress, sticking with basic colors and layering on trendy colors allows you to stick with a quality drapery while changing it out to match what is hot right now.
  • Luxury fabrics – luxury fabrics are one of the hottest trends right now. The feel of fabrics such as silks, fur, leather, and suede are not only appealing to the touch, they also please the eye. However purchasing panels in these expensive materials are not for those on a tight budget. The exception to that is you purchase silk panels in a classic color that you can layer the more trendy colors over. There’s no reason you should have to sacrifice purchasing the luxury you want. You simply don’t have to repurchase that every time the trends change.

No matter what the trends are your basic style of furniture and overall home decor will often dictate what curtains, and other window treatments you use. So while you will want to change out the accessories on your ‘little black dress’ to go with the seasons trends, if you have a solid foundation in good quality window treatments keeping up with the trends will be a breeze.