Looking Fresh and Natural Under Make-up

I hate putting on heavy makeup. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I certainly don’t like the age it adds on my face. So I look for ones that are not too revealing, are lighter, and those that make me look fresh and natural rather than cake-faced. I’m glad I tried Maybelline New York.

I definitely loved Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Extra shine-free powder foundation and their Fruity Jelly lip gloss. I wear them on my face all the time. The foundation feels light so my skin can breathe. It matches my skin tone and conceals my facial impurities. When I perspire, it doesn’t smudge on my face. On the other hand, Maybelline’s lip gloss adds a bit of fresh sheer color to my lips without the sticky feel. Fabulous indeed! I will try some of their other products for sure.