How to dress for your body shape this Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching, you’ve probably been invited to numerous gatherings and festive parties. These special events are likely to be swanky affairs that require a decent outfit – so what should you wear? Well, that will depend on your own personal taste, but try to find something that flatters your body shape and draws the eye away from your bad bits.

If you’re slender, you might not like your small frame or petite boobs, but you don’t have to opt for a breast enlargement procedure to feel glamorous. A padded bra can give you the cleavage you desire, while the right attire will complement your dainty features. Boot-cut jeans are ideal as they show off a slim waist and a toned bum, whereas trapeze-style jackets will add volume to your hips. Boyfriend blazers are your friends and you can finish off your look with bright, chunky accessories.

You might carry weight around your middle, but you’re likely to have an ample bosom, toned bottom, slim thighs and lovely legs – so make the most of them. To accentuate your breasts, look for scoop-necked tops that show a bit of flesh and use tailored jackets to give more shape to your upper half. While flat-fronted trousers will hide a rounded stomach, A-line skirts are a great alternative if you’re going out in the evening. They can be teamed with kitted heals and will help show off your figure.

Being a pear might not sound glamorous, but there are plenty of advantages to having a bigger bottom half. The eye tends to focus on the top of your body first, so wear boob tubes, maxi dresses and strapless tops to show off slimmer shoulders and arms. If you have a small waist, you can also get away with a thin waist belt, as this will help you to look as slender as possible. Larger hips and legs can be disguised by wearing darker colours and skirts with pleats, so find out more about what you should be buying and look your best this party season.

Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Kelly Brook are all said to have an hourglass figure. Although this is often thought to be the most desirable shape of them all, you must be careful what you wear as you’re prone to the fashion faux pas. If you have a large bust, for instance, high neck lines tend to be a no go, as they can make you look top-heavy. Instead, open up your chest by wearing plunging tops and dresses. Wraparound garments are also flattering and you can use a wide belt to pinch in your middle.

Everything from liposuction to tummy tucks and boob jobs are available these days, but the right attire can work wonders, so hit the high street and get shopping.