Fuller Lips Naturally

Admit it, you like your lips to look plump like those celebrities and models but you don’t want to go a through surgery. I tell you, you won’t even need it. Natural is always the best way to look beautiful.

Take care of your lips first, when you’re brushing your teeth just after you rinse, brush your lips as well to remove the dead skin. This will not only make your lips soft. It will allow circulation around your lips giving it natural pinkish color or you can enhance it by applying honey and massage it on your lips for an extra softer skin.
Exercise your lips by whistling, by doing this you’re lip muscle are used. Do this often to make your lips plump. There is no great facial exercise than smiling. Smile and pucker your lips and repeat it again and again to contract your muscle and achieve that plump lips you been dreaming and with an extra touch of lipstick you are on your way.