Fashion Faux Pas

A fashion mistake is an eyesore. You definitely made a statement not because you did a great job dressing up but you did great choosing the worst match of clothing. It’s defiance to the society’s norms. To save yourself from humiliation, try to consider these fashion don’ts:

  1. Wearing oversized pants or baggy shirts. You don’t want to look like your clothes engulfed you.
  2. Sporting red and green at the same time. You’d look like a Christmas tree ornament.
  3. Dirty shoes. Poor hygienic practice.
  4. Short top with short shorts or skirt. You don’t want to look cheap and worthless.
  5. A floral or flowy dress partnered with thick platforms. Too overwhelming.
  6. Too much charms and jewels. Anything too much is not good.
  7. Showing off what needs to be hidden. Hide your belly fat or scarred legs.
  8. Tights and skinny. Don’t wear them if you don’t have shapely legs.
  9. Revealing panty lines and wrong underwear size. The right undergarment size boosts your figure and confidence.
  10. Putting on mom jeans. It makes you look old.