Banjo’s Perfectly Classic Music

A banjo is a stringed musical instrument that looks a little like the classical guitar but comes with a round body and a longer neck. The body is usually made up of a wooden rim covered with a stretched animal skin. Modern banjos now utilized metal for the rim and synthetic materials such as plastic for the skin. The neck, like the guitar, contains the frets and connects the body with the head where the tuners are located. The classical banjo typically has four or five strings made up of steel. But modern six-stringed banjos, tuned and played just like the guitar, are now popular. The banjo’s sound is characteristic of bluegrass and usually associated with country and folk music.

If you are looking for an exquisite banjo, you can find them in famous country music shops or just go online. Carefully crafted banjos are offered online at around two hundred to a couple thousand dollars depending on the type and quality of materials used.