The Boy-Girl Blues

Is it a boy or is it a girl? The moment you learned about your baby’s gender can be as exciting as welcoming him into this world. What if the sonographer told you it’s a boy then came a few months later, you gave birth to a bouncing baby girl? I heard the same mistake when my friend’s sister had her ultrasound at 25 weeks of pregnancy. She broadcasted that she’s having a girl then she bought girly stuff for her expected tiny princess. But in the end, she gave birth to a cute little boy.

Yes, the sonographer can be mistaken sometimes. It’s human nature after all. Perhaps your baby is not as cooperative as you expect him to be that he does not want to show you his organs yet. But at times it can be no one’s fault. It’s the ultrasound device itself to blame. Some devices are too outdated that it’s unclear for the sonographer to find out your baby’s sex. However, all your gender suspicions will go away once you finally bump into your bundle of joy. The bottom-line is that it’s a healthy baby you’re having there whatever gender it is!