Make Use of Waste

There are a lot of instances in our lives when we do not see the importance of little things around us. Sometimes, we often disregard re-using things and end up throwing them instead. Like for example, have you ever thought of using broken, dried pieces of your laundry of bath soaps? We normally throw small, broken pieces of soaps we see are residues in our bathroom. But don’t you know that they still can be used?

Yes, you may think that small, broken pieces of laundry and bath soaps can be too small to use effectively, but throwing it away can also be a waste. Well, make use of it by wrapping it in a gauze cloth. Tie it with a ribbon or a bow and hang it in your closet or stick it in your drawer. The fresh scent of the soaps will give your clothes a nice scent without spending a single peso. Mind you—the scent lasts longer than sprays do. Thus, don’t waste… just recycle!