IPhone 5: A Fashion Statement and a Superb Gadget to Shop For

IPhone 5 is the latest smartphone that has been developed by apple. Its predecessor is iPhone 4S and it is the sixth iPhone in the iPhone series. IPhone 5 is basically a touch screen based phone. It is lighter and slimmer model with a higher-resolution than other iPhone models and this is the reason why all the gadget lovers are going for it. If you are a mobile phone lover and want to taste some good features in your handset then iPhone 5 is just a perfect model for you. With high speed and stylish looks it is just a perfect piece to win everyone’s heart.

IPhone 5 has a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio with a screen of about 4 inch. The phone uses a processor known as Apple A6; it is basically a custom designed ARMv7 which is used in the iPhone 5 so as to make it work better than the other iPhone models. It makes it faster than its predecessors. It has made a record sale; reports show that within 24 hours of start of its booking. At the beginning the demand of this iPhone exceeded the supply of it. If you looking for a handset that can match your fashion statement then no doubt you should go for iPhone 5.

IPhone 5 has a metallic and a glassy look. The metallic look specially makes it more impressive to look at and it’s quite lighter than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It just weighs around 3.95 ounces. In the iPhone 5 we find a little modification of the headphone jack which is found at the bottom of the phone. You would find 3 microphones in the body of the iPhone 5. The 3 microphones are located at 3 different places, one at the back side of the phone near the camera, one at the bottom of the phone and the third one is near the ear piece of the phone. The iPhone 5 offers you an amazing sound quality; this is because its microphones work with beam forming. Beam forming is a complicated system in which the headset can pinpoint to the position from where the voice of user is coming thus offering you with this amazing sound quality. Whether you are a student, office going guy or an old aged man, iPhone 5 is a phone that suits everyone’s need.

In the iPhone 5 Apple has enhanced the features of the camera too. The camera in the iPhone 5 has a sapphire crystal lens. The sapphire crystal lens is used so as to prevent it from getting scratched. The camera of iPhone 5 is of 8 mega pixel resolution and its quantity has highly improved from the previous ones. The pictures are saved as soon as you take the snaps and can take as many pictures you like to. Panorama mode is also there which would help you to take and stitch together pictures flawlessly, that would preserve your memories like you want them to.

This phone manufactured by apple is a LTE 4G Smartphone. The iPhone 5 is not only a 4G, phone it also has a large screen display. It has some amazing features like voice assistant and Siri which would allow you to control your phone without touching its screen. The iPhone 5 has a 1,440mAh battery which lasts about maximum for 8 hours. It has the vector oriented maps which is an improved version of previous application of the map. The screen orientation can be locked and you just have to double tap your screen and the orientation would be locked.

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