The Luckiest Pair of Boots

I never really showed great concern about my things, even those that were given to me by my friends and relatives as presents or when they did not find their item useful anymore. However, it wasn’t the same with my Asolo TPS boots. It’s not because of the brand or the style of the footwear. It was something that I experienced while my friends and I were trekking. I cannot ever forget what happened that day.

The night when almost everyone of my friends was asleep, I was reading my favorite book. Suddenly, a snake passed by, which made me stop everything that I was doing for quite a while – even breathing. It was about four meters away. Luckily, I’ve already taken off my boots and placed it beside me. I quickly grabbed one boot when the snake were at a 6-meter distance, then threw it to the snake. What a great shot it was when I hit it on the head and quickly ran off. That incident made me cherish my boots more than ever.