Stretch Marks from Working Out

“Stretch marks are part of working out”. This was what I said to my mom, who was apparently one of the most self-conscious people that I have known. She maybe more conscious of how she looks in the mirror as compared to most of my girl classmates. This, however, did not bug me, though I’m a bit anxious of how I’m going to answer her whenever she tries to ask whether I’m already seeing the results of her intense workouts or not.

Actually, she has been losing quite a lot, but she was always asking a follow-up question of whether her stretch marks around her waist are noticeable or not. Of course, I said ‘no’, simply because I don’t want to hurt her feelings. But I did tell her a few things about how to prevent stretch marks jokingly, and fortunately, she received it quite well and listened to my precious son-to-mom advices.