Photos and the Photographer

If a picture paints a thousand words you don’t have to paint but shot some. Digital cameras truly revolutionized the painting and photo art technology and Photoshop did more. Want to have yourself depicted on a portrait long ago you have to pose for a renowned painter for hours on end depending on the painter’s whim especially when he is famous. Then here comes the advent of photography where you still have to pose for your portrait but now for only a matter of a few hours in a day.

Then photography was revolutionized further till the advent of the digital camera where you can have a say how you would look in your photo before it is printed. Then there is Photoshop where you have a pinkish cheek in your where the original you are actually pale. You could have your love ones beside you on a Christmas picture even though you are miles apart. There is no limit to what can you do with photographs today, I can’t begin to think of what it can do tomorrow.